KAIRison® Bone Punch

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"My first reaction after using the KAIRison® was to wonder why this unique tool had not been invented 20 years sooner."

Dr. Joseph Maroon, UPMC, Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

Learn more about the KAIRison® bone punch with its advantages.


  • Reduces physical effort required [1]
  • Very good cutting properties [1]
  • Detachable for cleaning
  • Two-level safety mechanism
  • Suitable for right- or left-handed use [1]


The KAIRison® Bone Punch is available in two shaft lengths and shafts widths from 2 to 6 mm.


For the removal of bone, ligaments, cartilage, and similar tissue.

[1] Maroon JC, El-Kadi M, Bost J. Pneumatic Kerrison rongeur: technical note. Surg Neurol 2009; 71(4):466–8.


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