Propofol-® Lipuro 5 mg/ml

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Emulsion for injection or infusion.
The propofol without the "Ouch!"

Propofol-®Lipuro 5 mg/ml is a short-acting intravenous general anaesthetic indicated for

  • induction of general anaesthesia in adults and children > 1 month
  • induction of sedation for diagnostic and surgical procedures, in adults and children > 1 month
  • short term sedation for diagnostic and surgical procedures, alone or in combination with local or regional anaesthesia in adults only.

Available in:

  • glass ampoule: 20 ml


  • Approved for anesthesia induction in patients > 1 month of age
  • VAS < 20 mm in children (2-6 years old)
  • No dilution or mixing with local anesthetics
  • Low concentration allows more precise dose titration


Information may differ in your country. Before prescribing refer to nationally approved prescribing information.


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