B. Braun OnlineSuite

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Infuusiolaitteiden monipuolinen ja tehokkaampi käyttö

One IV therapy management platform for the whole hospital. The first application package includes software solutions for

  • Drug library management
  • Central alarm management
  • Quality management

The B. Braun Space OnlineSuite software platform offers a variety of applications that optimize the IV therapy process. The platform provides existing and future software solutions that will be released in application packages. You are then free to choose the applications that are used in your hospital.

Once the Space OnlineSuite software is installed on a single computer or server, the applications can be accessed from any workstation on the hospital network with a standard browser. As a result, workstations can be added with ease. Existing operating systems and databases can also be utilized, because the Space OnlineSuite is platform and database independent.

Due to the use of standardized technologies, the Space OnlineSuite is suitable for customized communication with the hospital information system or patient data management system. The B. Braun Space OnlineSuite provides an innovative open IV therapy platform approach that can be integrated simply into an existing hospital IT environment. In addition, the system is both flexible and modular allowing it to react to the requirements of new application packages. It is future-proof.


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