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Central management and administration software for medical devices

Advanced. Superior. Digital.

OnlineSuiteplus  is the central management and administration software suite for connected medical B. Braun devices in the hospital. It is the framework for innovative software applications addressing the individual needs of clinical user groups and provides data insights that can help to improve clinical workflows. The optional connection of OnlineSuiteplus  to the B. Braun Health Cloud is the link to the world of B. Braun services such as software provision for medical device directly from B. Braun trusted source in order to update the device fleet in the hospital without interrupting clinical workflows.


  • Framework for software applications addressing the individual needs of clinical user groups
  • OnlineSuiteplus seamlessly integrates into the hospital IT network


  • Support large hospital infrastructures with up to 10.000 connected devices to a single server instance
  • Remote software updates / upgrades via the hospitals network without interrupting clinical workflows
  • Bi-directional integration into hospitals electronic medical record (EMR) systems using HL7 / IHE standard profiles​​​​​​​


  • Improved cyber security due to data encryption and secure device authentication mechanisms
  • Central data source providing insights into clinical practices for continuous quality improvements of clinical workflows
  • Software update files for medical devices provided via cloud connection directly from B. Braun trusted source


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