Acidic bicarbonate concentrate 1+44, 1+34

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Acidic concentrate for preparation of a ready-to-use bicarbonate haemodialysis solution in mixture 1+34 or 1+44

To manufacture the ready-to-use dialysis fluid, the acidic bicarbonate haemodialysis concentrates are mixed by the dialysis machine. The standard dilution ratio is 1+34 or 1+44. The concentrates are mixed with alkaline bicarbonate haemodialysis concentrate 8.4 % or with sodium bicarbonate for haemodialysis (Solcart B) and water of a suitable grade.


  • Broad formulation spectrum for individualised treatments
  • 4.7 - 10 l concentrate in polyethylene canister
  • 300 - 800 l large volume concentrate container for central concentrate supply
  • Pack sizes / formulations may vary
  • Shelf life: 36 months

Benefits of acidic bicarbonate concentrates at a 1+44 mixing ratio:

  • Lower concentrate volume required per treatment
  • Less storage space compared to 1+34 concentrates
  • Less need for replacement oflarge volume containers


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