Sol-Cart® B

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Cartridge with sodium hydrogen carbonate powder

The Sol-Cart® B cartridge with sodium hydrogen carbonate powder is a practical alternative to liquid alkaline bicarbonate hemodialysis concentrate 8.4 %.


Sol-Cart® B - Tamper- evidence and ease of use combined in one

The new, innovative Sol-Cart® B cartridge design replaces the outer plastic bag with tamper-evident sealed caps. This allows an improved handling for caregivers while keeping the outer plastic bag's function of tamperevident cartridge closure.


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Carolin Preisinger via


  • Comfortable haptic cap design for fast and easy removal of caps
  • Tamper-evident ring for a visible evidence of the cartridge's integrity from production to usage
  • Reduction of waste through absence of plastic bag
  • Usage of caps for closure after cartridge drainage


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